Manage your collections
on your terms.

Archivist CMS is a flexible, web-based collections management system custom developed to adapt to the needs of any collections-based institution.

What can Archivist do?

Archivist is a robust collections management system (CMS) with an expansive number of powerful features and functionalities—and the flexibility to add more, based on the needs of your organization.


Location Management

Dynamic mapping enables you to manage items’ location and track movements with great detail—whether an item is on display, in storage, or on loan.


Advanced Search & Sort Functionalities

Navigate tons of collections data to find exactly the information you need. We can even customize search and sort capabilities based on the type of data you track.


Data Import & Export

Quickly and easily import and export collections data. And set up and generate custom automated reports to help analyze and understand your collections.


Selective Presentation

Control what’s visible to the public. Collections data not visible to the public is still accessible by your internal staff, but hidden to outside users.


Collections Grouping

Categorize and group collections data in a multitude of customizable ways. Whatever your purpose, collections grouping makes it simple.

What are the benefits of Archivist?

Vastly improve how your team manages your collections. Archivist was built to work for all types of collections-based institutions.


A robust collections management system (CMS) with expansive features and capabilities.


Our team works directly with yours&em;from design through development—to help personalize your system.


Adaptable to any collections-based institution at any scale.

Unique Front-End Design

We’ll create an engaging front-end design that reflects your brand—and a good-looking website could mean more donors and sponsorship opportunities.


Archivist is a responsive, web-based tool, so you can access it anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Every Archivist system is built to be secure, and accessibility can customized, so certain types of users can only access certain content.

Optimized Workflow

The comprehensive and intuitive UX/UI ensures that making edits and updates is done easily and efficiently.

Technical Support

Get real-time support from real people. Even after your system is fully functional, we offer continued support options for the lifetime of the system.


An intuitive design means you don’t need to be an expert to use it.

Expansive Features & Capabilities

Whatever you need your collections management system (CMS) to do, we’re prepared to make it happen. Our list of features is just the beginning.